10 Things You Could Do If There Were No Such Thing As Bullying

1. Wear whatever you want.

You could express your inner Cher from Clueless or Addams Family as elegantly as Ms. Frizzle, and everyone could learn about you, not de-gown you like Cinderella.

2. Pick any career you wanted.

Afraid to be a ballerina because you’re a boy, or afraid to be a substitute teacher because of bullying? In a bully-free world, literally no one would care what you did for a living, and you could be thriving in a bully-free environment at work.

3. Contact anyone you feel like talking to on a dating service.

Afraid of someone else’s standards? No longer! If everyone was against bullying, we would answer every message in our dating inbox kindly and as nicely as someone who is already a friend, without any judgement or assumptions.

4. Be any size or shape and feel sexy.

We are all made sexy, and it’s just bullying that could make you feel less so.

5. Love whoever you wanted.

There would be Romeo and Juliet stories no longer in a bully-free world, as people are welcome to love anyone who is also a legal adult.

6. Be friends with everyone.

Doctors and postal workers have to put on work personas, but deep down they’ll probably consider you a friend if you treat them like one. Soon your whole class will be celebrating prom together outside of school too, if they don’t already.

7. Have a block party and invite strangers.

Put posters around town and post online to large community pages. No one will need to call the police for any reason.

8. Ask any appropriate question you wanted to in class.

Afraid of sounding lame or dragging class out? Never again! If you have a question, everyone has time for you, no questions asked.

9. Say goodbye to your kindergartener on her first day of school without worry.

He or she will get along with and befriend everyone, including the custodian.

10. You could be older and feel relevant and valued.

Younger people can be louder, and sometimes it can feel isolating to age and be potentially more out of touch every year of life. Forget about it! In a bully-free culture, it’s not just about not hassling or hurting people, it’s about making sure everyone feels loved, safe, and included at all times. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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