When You Find Your Forever Person, You Will Realize That This Is The True Definition Of Love

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Everyone has their own definition of love. There is never a right or wrong definition, but for love to be successful, both people must have the same perception of it.

About a year ago, when I was far along into a relationship, I had one of my good friends come ask me what love was. It really took me a second to gather my thoughts, which is a little frightening because I had been in love and felt it for so long but never truly considered what it meant to me.

The best explanation for my answer is that I felt pressured and jumped to the most cliche response I could form. I responded by saying, “Love is putting someone else before yourself.”

As I’ve matured and gained experiences, I would not define love the same way. So as of right now, this is my new answer:

Falling in love is the most complicated, yet simple process. It’s almost like struggling to do simple math after you’ve spent years and years memorizing complicated equations and using graphing calculators.

We overthink it way more than we should to a point where it seems complicated, but it really isn’t. Love is natural, I don’t believe we necessarily choose to fall in love with someone, but we choose the circumstances that allow us to fall.

Falling in love is in the details. You’ll try to cram as much information about a single person into your brain as possible and you’ll love every second of it.

Not to be offensive to any of my friends out there, because they’re pretty great, but I couldn’t care less as to what they had for breakfast or what songs they like to sing in the shower. Falling for someone is letting someone else see parts of you that you never thought to share before.

It’s being fearless and optimistic. You have to become vulnerable, and you have to be okay with it.

Most would say falling in love is easy, because for the most part it is, especially the first time. What happens after the fall is what will really test you. It is the make it or break it and love is nowhere close to easy.

The honeymoon stage is full of rollercoasters. Some days you’ll have so many butterflies that you can’t eat. And in a sea of people, your eyes will only look for one face.

But after all of that has died down, love is a choice. You don’t choose who you fall in love with, but you do choose who you continue to love.

Love is realizing that someone is human, which is a hard thing to experience after putting them on a pedestal for so long.

It’s choosing someone when they have an attitude to add to your bad day, and considering them in every decision you make outside of the relationship.

I don’t believe in soulmates. We have too much free will to be made solely for one person.

But love will fight. Love will hurt, but never on purpose. Love will sometimes make you go pump the gas out in -10 degree weather and steal all of the blankets.

Love won’t be pretty like the movies, but it will be real. It will bring out not always the best in you, but the truest you. Love will make sense of all those songs on the radio, and it will occasionally make you cry happy tears. Falling is simple, but love itself isn’t always as easy.

My definition is that love is a choice. You get to choose, and you have to make the choice every single day.

Love is not neglecting yourself to better someone else, it’s caring about someone else in equivalence to yourself.

Love is freedom. Love is never giving up on someone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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