I Finally Stopped Trying To Impress Everyone And Am Happier Than Ever Before

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Everyone wants to impress everyone, everyone wants to be liked, everyone wants validation from others.

But is it really fulfilling to know you get that validation from being something other than yourself?

In the last year, I believe I have grown more mentally than I have at any other time in my life. So many things have happened in this time period that I’ve had to learn to adapt and form strong opinions.

In the past, I was so caught up in people’s thoughts about me that I couldn’t fully be myself. Now I’ve realized how stupid that really was. Because if people weren’t going to like me for me and my opinions, then were they really liking me at all?

The truth is, caring what people think about you is being owned by them. The right people will love you for who you really are, and respect you for your thoughts.

It’s cliche but it’s true. You don’t have to follow in everyone else’s footsteps, that’s giving them the power to decide your future and who you become.

It’s more than okay to make your own path and go a different direction. Stop losing yourself over people who don’t care whether you’re lost or not.

You know what I think is impressive? Someone who doesn’t care to impress anyone. Someone who has values and morals and chooses to stick to them. Someone who is strongly opinionated and stands their ground.

It doesn’t matter if it’s to fit in with a group of people, or to get the attention of that guy you think is cute. You will always feel like you’re on the outside looking in if you have to fake it from the beginning.

Maybe we should spend less time trying to fit in, and more time figuring out who we are and what we’re doing here.

A lot us think of peer pressure as something that’s fake. We’re not always able to identify it or see it clearly, so we assume it doesn’t exist.

It happens in the adult world too. All you need is someone to plant an idea in your head, something to make you feel as if you’re inferior because you aren’t following everyone else. Or maybe others are so insecure about what they are doing that their validation comes from you partaking in it too.

You have your own brain, and you are in control of everything you do. The minute you decide to do something you know you’ll regret, no one else is to blame. So if you don’t want to be that person, then don’t be.

Create an image of who you want to be. Find pieces of other people that you admire, and add them to yourself.

You don’t have to copy others, but if you take all of the things you find great in the world from other people, places, and things, you’ll become someone you admire too.

Be so confident in the person you’re becoming that you don’t have to impress others. Give yourself the validation that you’ve been looking for in everyone else. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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