What You May Not Realize You’re Doing Because You Haven’t Moved On Yet

Steinar Engeland

I see too often that people in my life apply the quote, “history repeats itself” literally. I have even struggled to avoid this myself, but I decided to put an end to it for the sake of my future. The thing about going back to your past, especially the memories that make you cringe to the core, is that it will never change. The story has been written in pen, not pencil, and there is no Wite-out this time. Our past develops who we are, so we should never wish for it to have unraveled differently, but it can truly alter our future if we do not handle it correctly.

Our past is like a game of telephone. Each time we go back to it, each time we dwell on it, each time we long for it, we change the details just a tiny bit. Sometimes the change is so slight that we don’t even notice. Over time, we allow ourselves to make it either better or worse than it really was.

For me, I have a tendency to make it better. You get so hung up on the fact that you had something back then that you don’t have now, that you completely forget all of the good things you have that you didn’t back then. You go back to your memory because that is the only place you believe contains what you need instead of searching for it in the present.

But then you have the alternate scenario. You go back to the past each day making things worse each time. You beat yourself up for things you have done in the past or ask yourself why you didn’t do things differently. What you must understand is that life is a process of learning. You would not know to have done things differently unless you had done them wrong in the first place. That puts you in the perfect position to manifest something even greater in the future with the knowledge you have acquired.

Do not disregard your past, but do not cling to it. Do not give your mind the time to shape memories into the things they are not. Do not allow your mind to blame you for someone else’s actions, or that boyfriend to seem better than he was, or create a bigger happiness than was present in that moment. Let now be your time, let now be your content. Life is only made up of memories except for this very moment. Your fate is in your hands. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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