I Am Letting You Go Because I Have Faith In Myself

I Am Letting You Go Because I Have Faith In Myself
Marcelo Matarazzo

Today I read something about letting go
And I thought of you

At first, it was tough
I thought I cannot do it
I thought that was the end

But I never stop
I never stop believing in me

I never stop hoping to be happy again
I never stop dreaming for that day that I finally will
be happy being alone, being by myself

It was tough
I stopped from time to time
And wandered a lot of places
Met different people
My bruises healed and acquired new ones

But I want you to remember, I never stop
No matter how strong the waves are
Or the path unclear
Or the storm rages
I continued
Because I have a goal
I have a dream

I wanted to be okay again

And I know that no one can help me this time
No arms to run into
No shoulders to lean on
No one, but me

I can’t say that I have reached my goal
Because I am still hurting
Still searching
And still wandering
But I am moving

And for now, I think I am okay with that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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