Love Is A Wave—Take A Leap Of Faith And Swim

Love is a wave, a crescent of water that rises slowly and curves magnificently. It crashes and recedes. It moves naturally between phases, but it always returns just the same. Love is a wave that you ride out, following its course with focus and concentration, but ultimately knowing that it will move as it will, and you must simply choose how best to position and direct yourself as it does.

If you fall, you are caught in its reservoirs until you float back up again, regain your breath, and are ready to rise back on. It is powerful, a force in and of itself. You cannot stop it, you cannot force it to be, but you may choose to ride it. You may choose to wade out to it and embark on its course by becoming a part of it and allowing it to become a part of you.

Love is ever flowing, ever present. When we seek it, we will find it. Sometimes it takes us by surprise, but it cannot reach us on land. Waiting hesitantly on the safety of the sand and watching from afar will not bring it to you. No, you must take the leap of faith and swim out to it, recognizing its dangers and choosing to accept them in return for its lessons and pleasures.

To navigate it requires a relationship of understanding and trust. Trust that it will move in a cycle we can follow if we try. Trust that even if we fall, it will catch us below. Trust that as we recognize it, it recognizes us. Trust that its mysteries are only mysterious until you find yourself floating with them deep below, navigating as you go, learning new codes with every stroke.

Love is a wave. We have no say in whether it rises or falls. But we do get to choose whether we rise and fall with it, learning its secrets and emerging stronger and wiser, or whether we sit on those shores watching and wanting.

My life has been spent under sheets with a flashlight, pen, and paper.

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