For Those Who Still Believe In Love After Every Heartbreak

Seth Doyle
Seth Doyle

This is for the people who love too much. The ones who give so much of themselves to another person and keep minimal for themselves, only to find that when the other person leaves they emptied their heart and soul into nothing.

This is for the ones who cry too hard over those who are sleeping peacefully, not knowing the damage they have done.

This is for the ones that spend late nights lying in bed wondering where they went wrong, if they could have done something differently then maybe the person they thought was the one would have stayed.

This is for the ones who can’t look through their phone albums because they cringe at the photos and videos of memories far too special to just simply delete.

This is for the ones who get up every morning regardless of their heartbreak and still carry on like the person they thought was the one didn’t just leave one day.

This is for the ones who still believe in love when all they’ve ever received is heart break.

This is for you reading this, to know that you are not alone, and every day gets easier. Heart break is not a quick fix but I promise you as the weeks go by you will see just why the person you thought was the one had to leave.

This is for the ones reading this, the ones who are left. I hope you never feel the pain of losing “the one.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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