After Heartbreak You Heal

Jordan Sanchez
Jordan Sanchez

It’s the empty feeling of once feeling so full of love and having it taken away in the matter of minutes.

It’s the sinking feeling when your phone goes off and you secretly hope it’s them.

It’s the feeling of knowing you should be starving because you haven’t eaten in two days, but you can’t bring yourself to have an appetite.

It’s picking up a scent that is similar to theirs and feeling warm and familiar for a moment, then remembering they left so quick and easily.

It’s not being able to watch certain televison series because you can’t fathom even remotely enjoying the show without their laughter at all the goofy parts.

It’s going to bed and getting comfortable, only to feel lost because they aren’t tangled in the sheets with you.

It’s waking up in the morning and forgetting for a few moments that they won’t be snoring beside you and pull you in closer.

It’s heart break.

It’s waking up one day and not having it hurt as much.

It’s being able to go to the restaurants you two loved without feeling nauseous the whole time.

It’s enjoying the songs you two used to listen to on the long car rides.

It’s not cringing when you hear someone mention their name.

It’s learning to understand why someone who was not right for you had to leave.

Its understanding your worth and knowing what you deserve.

It’s healing.

It will happen.

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