A Little Note To My Younger Self, You Are Not Your Past

Tamara Menzi

Hey me,

I wanted to write you a quick little letter. You’ve been on my mind lately.

First, congratulations! You’ve made it this far and you aren’t letting anything stop you. you get up, get out of bed and kick ass everyday- even when you feel your worst, you’re still going strong.

Keep that in mind.

Nothing in your past has stopped you; not the boy who broke your heart, not that rejection from your dream college, not that sport-career-ending injury, not the weight loss or the weight gain, not the loss and hurt you’ve endured, and not the depression and loneliness you may have or may still feel.

You are not your past, isn’t that amazing?

When you were going through it did you ever think you’d make it?

Better yet, did you think you’d turn it all around and create a life so beautiful? Did you ever think you’d rebuild and find a strong foundation within yourself?

You didn’t, but I always did.

I always knew we could do it. Me and you, you and I, we’re strong and although you didn’t and don’t always see it; I do. That’s why I’m writing you, because if you put our two intelligent and intuitive little heads together, we’re pretty damn awesome.

So remember this… there isn’t a single thing you’ve endured in the past that has broken you. So there isn’t a single thing in your future that will either.

I’ll make you this promise: when you are weak I will be strong. Together we’ll continue to rock and roll with all life has to offer us.

Sound good?

Hugs and kisses,

Me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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