I’m Happy I’m Not The ‘Cool’ Girl

Marion Michele

Well, I am cool. I’m actually really, really cool. I’m just not your traditional “cool” girl.

Here’s a list of 5 things that are “cool” in today’s society that I do not take part of in the “cool” way:

1. Partying. My idea of a fun night isn’t being surrounded by an abundance of sweaty and drunk people. I often find myself very anxious in those large settings and don’t have any fun. I am more likely to be found at a Whole Foods on a Friday night or enjoying a girls night with my friends and a bottle of wine.

2. Drinking. I made drinking separate from ‘partying’ because I do drink. But unlike the traditional party or “cool” crowd, I enjoy drinking with my family and friends in small settings. I don’t find it fun, or “cool”, to get so drunk that I lose control or get drunk to the point of being sick. My social media isn’t riddled with fun party pictures because, uh, I wasn’t there.

3. Large friend groups. I have small circle of close people who I love. You won’t find me rolling around with my “girls” 24/7 because I love my independence. I value my close friend group because our relationships and conversations are meaningful and our adventures never end.

4. Being an extrovert. I value time by myself. I have no problem going places by myself and when I’m seen alone I don’t feel like a “loser”. As much as I enjoy going out with my friends, I equally enjoy finding a quiet place to read or write.

5. Trends.
I am independent minded. I don’t identify neatly with most categories and labels like: “liberal”, “conservative”, “rich”, “poor”, “popular”, “creative”, “talented”, “introvert”, “extrovert” …ect. I am a bit of everything and that’s exactly how I like it.

So, why this list?

This list is a reminder that being different from the “cool crowd” doesn’t make you any less “cool”. This list is here to remind you when you log onto Instagram or Snapchat on a Friday night feeling “uncool”; that your individuality is what makes you an awesome human being. Do what you do, love what you love, and don’t change it because it’s the “cool” thing to do.

Be like me; your own brand of cool. Uniqueness is power and conformity is the hinderance of growth and freedom. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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