A Quick Fix Won’t Solve All Of Your Problems, Give Yourself Time

Sherry Zhu

Slow down, self-reflect, take a deep breath, and consciously invoke your warrior spirit. Warrior Spirit? Yes, we all have one. BUT, often we are so quick to want to end our pain and move past the challenges or road blocks that we resort to quick fixes that can be short term of even sometimes dangerous. Too often our inner warrior lies dormant, squelched by fear or laziness that we don’t summon it to battle with us.

It’s our natural instinct as humans to find quick solutions to our problems, or to do whatever we need to in order to feel good or reduce the stress we’re feeling. We have this need to fix everything within seconds. Nothing is ever fixed that quickly, you know it and I know it; so it’s time to stop reaching for that quick fix.

As hard as it is to work through whatever it is you’re struggling with, there is truly only one way; and that is to get through it. The more you work and the harder you fight to push on and move forward, the sooner you will see results. The reward you feel at the end of true success is far greater than any immediate sense of reward you think you feel by means that are not authentically you.

But what if you don’t know what is authentically you?

There are several ways: trial and error, by failing, and by experimenting. What is authentic will feel settled and sweet in your gut; honor it, don’t ignore it but take action and build on it.

The peace you feel within after you’ve worked your butt off to make a change or to reach a goal is a feeling that is more rewarding than any quick fix. Inner peace is eternal, unlike quick and momentary success that will not last you.

No, it’s not easy to get to this point. It could take you a long time because nothing that is easy is ever worth it.

So fight on, work hard, ride that wave, and find your inner peace. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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