When You Don’t Know What To Do With How You Feel, Write It Down

I know it’s really tough. I know it’s aching to get off your chest and that’s the reason why you just have to keep everything inside. You keep on smiling but truthfully, there are battles that you have to keep inside. You are holding back the tears and feigning that everything’s okay and at the end of the day, in your solitude, you are crying yourself to sleep which seems to be the only escape you’ve got to get away from reality. There are moments where you would even pray not to wake up anymore because you think that the affliction is excruciating.

Every single day is a great challenge for you, because it means having to pile out with a heavy heart. You have to compose yourself and wear a mask to hide what you truly feel inside. 

But I am here to listen. I will listen to all your heartaches, to all your fears, your frustrations, and all your thoughts.

You are reluctant in showing what you truly feel and what you really want to say because you think that they will never understand. They are never going to sympathize with you because they are not in your shoe. Worse, they will even criticize you for being so vulnerable. But what do they know? You’re screwed up and you are currently ‘round the bend and nobody knows it except you and your God. You can’t focus on your job; you can’t complete your daily task because you are emotionally gashed.

I know it’s really piquing, and knowing that no one would even dare to listen adds an insult to your injury. Just keep going and don’t restrain yourself from crying. Cry as much as you want. Feel the pain; it may take months or even years, but it won’t last. Just cry until you’re tuckered out. One day, it will all make sense.

One day, you won’t even realize that you are no longer mourning. You will never know when, there is no specific time and date but you will suddenly wake up and all your miseries have come to naught. One day, you will get the picture of everything and it will teach you a very good lesson. It is either to be humble, to learn how to fight and be brave or to simply know who you really are. 

One day, you are going to look back and as you wade through every word and every line that you have written down, you won’t even be able to figure out how you made it through the storm. And it’s going to be a good realization as you experience and see your dazzling transformation. You are going to thank them for hurting you. You will thank them for making you become the better version of yourself as an individual. 

And you will thank me, because I am always here to listen without interrupting and without criticizing. You will thank me because I exist and I have saved every word and every line that depicts your emotion. See, I am more than just a piece of paper. You can count on me whenever you want to express something. I am always ready to lend an ear. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

featured image – ellaceron/Instagram

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