5 Things To Consider Before You Take Revenge

It is never easy to feel the pain of being betrayed. It will really affect you emotionally because we are all naturally egoistic. And before you bang your door and leave your house to let them pay you back, I want you to read it first.

1. Guilt feeling: We are free from guilt because we know for a fact, that we haven’t done anything bad to the person who still chose to betray us. We might feel the pain of being betrayed but your conscience is pure. Feeling the pain of being betrayed is temporary, but the guilt feelings that he/she will feel after treating you bad regardless of all the good things you’ve done, it will last for a life time.

2. It is better to give than to receive: I always hear people saying that you should not give everything to someone whether it is a relative or a partner so that when they are gone, you won’t be left with nothing and you won’t feel unfair. But I would say that it’s okay, it’s okay to give everything you have, give all your time and attention, give all your best because it is through giving and sacrificing that you can be able to prove that you have loved, and you have done it for yourself because you know for a fact that seeing the one you love happy makes you happy as well. True love is not “Give and Take” but rather “Give and Give” regardless if the other person has something to give or none. And it is always in favor of the giver because when the person is gone, you can confidently say that you haven’t done anything wrong. You gave your best. And if ever you regret giving everything you have, go back to #1. Guilt feeling is with them and not with you.

3. Law of Karma: When someone hears the word karma, they always think of it as a negative effect. But the truth is, there is good and bad karma. What you sow is what you reap. You may feel bad thinking that after all the things you’ve done, you will be treated as a trash. There is nothing wrong with you, you just chose to trust and love the person regardless of the assurance that they are going to do the same. Let them go in your life and choose to trust and love again. Trust that something good will definitely happen to you knowing that you have done something good to someone who does not deserve you goodness at all. And in return, what they have done will affect them negatively. Karma is always fair.

4. Smile: Believe me when I say that it is never easy to smile when you know for a fact that you have done something bad to the one who treated you well. They can fake their smile but I tell you what, they can never have a good night sleep. And that is the best revenge you can give. Because you can smile naturally but they can’t and that is very challenging for them. Conscience will eat them up alive just like how Judas hanged himself after his betrayal.

5. Life is unfair but again, Karma is always fair: By any chance you think that the person who have wronged you does not feel any conscience at all, think about the law of karma, whatever you do to someone, it comes back to you. It will surely happen to them as well. And when it happens to them, they will remember what they have done to you. They will remember the things they did and they will realize how bad it feels like and it’s like a big smash on their face by their own hands.

Now, it is up to you to decide if you will continue with the plan of getting vengeance at someone or just let it go, smile and move on. It is up to you if you want to be like them and receive the same karma that they will get. The reason why living well is the best revenge is because the one who has a clear conscience is the one who lives well and carries no burden in their lives. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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