Remember To Choose Yourself First

This is for those that are stuck. Those that are stuck in limbo with your relationship with that significant other. A part of you has a foot out the door, and the other just wants to stay. You are running out of answers, you are running out of excuses to make for them. It’s tiring. I get it. Always remember that before anyone else, you have to put yourself first. It is the only way this will work.

It does not necessarily mean they are a bad person, they could just not be the one for you. Until they can be ready, they will not be be the person we expect them to be. Forgive them for teaching us the lesson of heartache. Forgive them, because they need it. Because they will see that through all of it, for everything we have done and would have done, we were the ones that would have stayed.

Forgive them because they taught us that even though not everyone is perfect, there are people in this world who allow us to see that their soul is perfection enough. We might be to blame for staying this long, for allowing it to get this deep. But now it’s time for us to take that deep breathe and go through the door and shut it.

Trying to change someone else should never be in the cards, it will never work. Their reality doesn’t need to be yours. Sometimes it’s them who end up teaching us that love is not enough. Don’t lose yourself falling for someone else. Be the best version of you, always; and that is all we can really do in this world. Don’t let the person you think will be the one, make you forget that you are the one. So choose yourself – first and always. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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