I Am Stronger Than My Insecurities

I know it’s cliche, but there is power in self-acceptance. In being able to look in the mirror and accept yourself for who you are.

Self-acceptance is about accepting your life for what it is, not for what you want it to be.

But it isn’t easy. Nothing worth working for is ever easy, right?

It’s easy to say “I love myself,” but at the end of the day, these are just words. It takes strength and determination to truly believe it and to be confident in spite of insecurities.

By having strength to love ourselves, flaws and all, we give ourselves the power of self-acceptance.

Everyone struggles with insecurities. Some more than others, but no one is 100% confident ALL the time. Understanding the root causes of insecurity can be helpful in figuring out how to deal with insecurities. Knowing how to deal with it is the first step to overcoming them.

I love myself, but there are days I don’t.

When I wish that I looked different or had better fashion sense, whatever that even means. When I wish I was more outgoing or that I could actually flirt to save my life. Sometimes, I wish I was anyone other than who I am.

When these feelings creep into my mind, I have to remind myself that I am stronger than my insecurities. That what I consider to be my “quirks” are actually my biggest strengths. My looks, my personality, make me undeniably who I am. And I don’t have to be ashamed of that. I don’t have to be ashamed of who I am.

No one deserves to feel less than for simply being who they are.

We are all unique. Isn’t that amazing? Sure, we all share similarities, but at our core, there is no else on this Earth quite like us. And when I think about that—like really, truly think about that—it’s actually really, really cool.

Growing up, I wasn’t very confident. I felt different and awkward and out of place. The funny thing is, what I didn’t realize then is that everyone else felt the same way.

Everyone has their own battle to overcome and find self-acceptance. For some people, it’s easy. For others, it’s extremely difficult.

It’s taken me a long time to be able to look in the mirror and say that though I have my share of insecurities, I am confident, strong, and I love myself for who I am.

There is a power in being able to say that. In having strength to just live life unapologetically. To be able to say I AM ME and not worry about what others think.

I’ll be honest, it’s a daily battle. But for most people it is. Figuring out who I am and what I want out of life has helped me accept and love myself, but there’s no magic solution. It just takes time.

I’m confident, but not all the time.

I’m beautiful, but I don’t always feel that way.

I’m moving toward my dreams and goals as I try to figure this crazy life out, but sometimes it feels like I’m not going anywhere at all.

And that’s life. Some days are better than others. It’s a journey.

Life is like a novel, not a short story.

Characters take time to develop. Themes aren’t always clear until a few chapters in. I’m not even entirely sure where this plot is heading.

I’m still early on in my journey. I’m still finding my way.

But I’ve learned that’s okay.

Because everyone else is finding their way, too.

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