Read This If You’re Feeling Completely And Utterly Lost

Right now, I am asking you to take a breath. Just one, simple, deep breath.

You are beautiful, and you are in this world for a reason. You do not need validation from anyone, nor should you feel more important if you have what’s stereotyped as a perfect body or grew up on the fancy side of town. You should know that you are beautiful even without anyone having to say it.

Understand and love that you are becoming more sure of yourself every day. Perhaps you didn’t know how to handle something in the past. You are now learning, growing, and expanding your world.

Make yourself aware that you are not just a name, a face, a number, a height, a gender. You are the universe. You are art. You are worthy.

Wake up every day determined to better yourself and others. Seek out the beauty of the world and in turn, you will see it in yourself. Put into the world what you wish to see out of it. Discover why you’re important and don’t settle for anyone that doesn’t agree.

You choose how you view the purpose and meaning of your life. You decide what’s going to be important to you in the long run. As scary as that may sound, there is no time limit. Take your time, become who you want to be.

I know you’re afraid of happiness and what could come from this — I am too. But I also know that we don’t have to be. I know that it’s okay to feel okay, and it’s even okay to feel good.

Being successful is about finding your purpose in life and following your passions, always keep this in mind when faced with someone who tries to shoot down your vision.

You are already choosing, in every moment of every day, what to care about, so change is as simple as choosing to care about something else.

​The universe cannot stop someone who fully believes in themselves, it just can’t.

I wish you challenges so relentless and daunting, you’ll barely recognize who you’ve become once you make it out the other side. So seemingly insurmountable you’ll be left with nothing but awe and pride with yourself at the end.

If it feels like it’s you versus the world, chances are it’s really just you versus yourself.

So please remember, living a fulfilling life isn’t something to take lightly, and when I tell you that there is light here if you search for it, I mean there is an entire universe of stars stitched together just waiting for you to unfold your mind and taste them.

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