These Are The 2016 Presidential Candidates As Ben And Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavors

Flickr / William Murphy
Flickr / William Murphy

Upon seeing Ben and Jerry’s sponsored ads about the 2016 election I made the natural comparison of who would the candidates be as B & J Scoops? Here’s your answer.

Bernie Sanders: Spectacular Speculoos

Older generations have a chip on their shoulder about European ideas they don’t recognize, millennials know Speculoos as Cookie Butter and can’t get enough of it.

Hillary Clinton: Phish Food Fro Yo

So seemingly healthy so full of promise until you realize beneath the fudge Phish it’s still yogurt trying to pass as something it’s not.

JEB Bush: Half Baked Ice Cream Bar

Can’t measure up to the popularity of Bush Sr. as Half Baked Ice Cream or even W as Half Baked Fro yo. So JEB is stuck as an Ice Cream Bar, which isn’t even close to a pint.

Donald Trump: New York Super Fudge Chunk

Because obviously, Trump is New York. But have you ever actually seen someone order this? Option B is the Vermonster- too big to finish, banned in some states because it’s a health hazard, sounds about right.

Ben Carson: Greek Yogurt Fro Yo

No one asked for this. No one likes it.

Martin O’Malley: Salted Caramel Core

Delicious, more than competent but overshadowed by the old timers and new odder varieties.

Carly Fiorina: Blondie Ambition

I know that feels a tad sexist, but I guess it fits her own views on Planned Parenthood and progressive feminism. BOOM. But also who ever orders this? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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