A Holiday Horror Poem That Will Haunt You All Season Long

Pexels, Nita
Pexels, Nita

Hidden away among the coastal Maine cold,

Lies a love story of sorts that has yet to be told.

Swaddled closely I held her so dear,

As the final hour until Christmas drew near.

Humming softly to her the songs that I sing,

Never wanting for her to fear of anything.

The eyes of her father, the cooing of a white dove,

They say no bond is stronger than a mother’s love.

Rocking her gently I whispered her name,

“My baby girl Eve, you were never to blame.”

Nestling her closer I breathed in her scent,

While wishing away her imminent discontent.

“My baby girl Eve, you’re as pure as the snow,

Your father will be pleased with your virtue aglow.

Please don’t fear your father, for his love is real,

His word is good, his kingdom ideal.”

“It was one year ago on the night we first met,

Manifesting in a dream I will never forget.

Playing me his fiddle and dancing his dance,

Ensnaring me into his infernal romance.”

“I gazed into his heart and that’s when I knew,

All my sweet Love truly ever wanted was you.”

Twirling me around he dipped me to the left,

I couldn’t help but notice his hooved feet were cleft.

“The most angelic of faces with enchanting dark eyes.

A long forked tongue; capable of dissecting truth from lies.

I listened when he spoke and I knew that he was true.

Consummating our union, that night we created you.”

“My baby girl Eve, please have no fear.

For the midnight hour is finally here.”

The clock had struck twelve, we no longer could stay;

“Your father has promised to return on this Christmas Day.”

Our moment had come, my Love had arrived,

I’d proven my loyalty and we had survived.

Nine months in the womb, and three on this Earth,

“My darling Eve you were obliged before birth.”

“My baby girl Eve, please do not be afraid,

For the words of man have wrongfully forbade.

You were marked at conception, your soul is a gift,

We will meet again soon, the pain will be swift.”

I continued to sing in her final hour.

Her lips faded blue, her vessel then sour.

I set her down gently and I brushed off my gown,

It was time to go home and claim my crown.

“My baby girl Eve, you were never to blame,

I simply asked my Love what he wanted and he whispered your name.”

He lifted my hand and he gave it a kiss,

I then followed my Beast down into the abyss. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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