14 Men Share Whether Or Not They’d Be Willing To Take Male Birth Control And Why

Female birth control as contraception is nothing new, but male birth control? What’s going on with that, and would men actually be willing to take it? The guys of r/AskMen are letting us know.

1. If there’s sufficient research that proves it’s safe.

“Yes but not for a little while. If it’s a new thing, I’d prefer to have adequate research on what it’s doing to my junk.”

2. I’d take it like candy.

“I would chew it like bubblegum. I would keep some in a candy dish on my coffee table.”

3. There’s shitty side effects, but the same ones women go through.

This birth control is 96% effective, but Men dropping out of the study due to side effects like weight gain, acne, mood disorders, and generally complaining a lot. However 75% would use it again.

Sounds like female birth control, where a significant minority of women will have sufficiently shit side effects they can’t or won’t use a particular method. But those of us who don’t are super happy to be using it. Pretty strange that they consider those side effects to be ‘concerning’ though, when they sound incredibly typical for female birth control.”

4. If I got laid more.

“If I was the type to get laid, then sure.”

5. Still have to worry about STDs.

“I’d be down. I would still use condoms for Std purposes.”

6. I don’t want to mess with my hormones.

“Vasagel, yes. But I don’t want to mess up my hormones unless it leads to rapid weight loss and a full head of hair. Unfortunately, It doesn’t seem like any medication has these side effects.”

7. I’d forget to take it.

“If it’s a pill, I would not take it. As in, I would forget to. I leave my multi-vitamin next to my keys on a shelf by the door and have about a 30-40% proc rate on memory.”

8. Absolutely.

“I would totally take the pill.”

9. Side-effects aren’t worth it.

“Probably wouldn’t because of the side effects. Guessing they’d be terrible.”

10. If it means not pulling out, yes.

“I’d be first in line. You mean I can orgasm WITHOUT pulling out!? Yes, please!”

11. My face is birth control.

“I’m already on birth control, it’s my face.”

12. Not any time soon.

“Once they prove it’s actually safe for human use and have all the long term issues worked out, I’ll consider it. Every time they try to shove shit into vaginas to stop women from having babies, a couple years later there’s always huge lawsuits from people getting cancer or bleeding to death and shit like that. No thank you.”

13. As long as it’s safe with little side-effects.

“I’d be keen but it would depend on any side effects and their severity, effectiveness, safety, and convenience. If it looked good balancing all of those factors then absolutely.”

14. It’d be great for men to have the same long-term contraception options as women.

“Personally, I have absolutely no desire to have children, and I can’t see that changing, so I’d just go for a vasectomy. But it would be great for men to have the kind of choice in mid- and long-term contraceptive options that women have had for decades.”

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