Eleven Kinda Fantastic Tweets By Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert, like so many millions of other people who are not the most famous film critic in America, has a Twitter account. Perhaps you learned this when you read Chris Jones’ masterful Esquire profile earlier this year, or when Ebert’s very public loathing of the Tea Party movement came to a head a few months later in a particularly nasty exchange via the microblogging platform itself.

Ebert has recieved a lot of attention recently for his full-on embrace of social media in the wake of losing most of his jaw—and the ability to speak and eat—four years ago to cancer, and he’s written a lot at that. He also chronicles the birthdays and death-dates of at least a handful of famous folks every day, links to new and archived reviews, shares what he’s reading online and rants about politics. (The Tea Party folks got all in a tizzy for good reason: Ebert hates ’em.) If you’ve followed his work at all over the years, you won’t be suprised that he seems like an incisively smart and funny guy on Twitter, too. So, all due respect and all that.

But still, there’s just something about watching this legend of modern American pop-culture communicate with the world in 140-word tweets, and all the mangled context and unfiltered brain-dribble that entails, that’s really incredible and super-amusing to witness. Here are eleven recent favorites.

5:56 PM Oct 28 Responding to moans about NSFW, I have resized Miss June 1975. I felt like a kid hiding my Playboys. Will we ever grow up?http://j.mp/d8V135

1:14 PM Oct 27 It is easier for a camel to get into heaven than for a Republican to pass through the eye of a needle.

5:34 PM Oct 26 Rush: If a “seasoned female activist” deserves to be stomped, what would you say you deserve?

10:00 AM Oct 26 When I see a man board a flight garbed in jeans and white running shoes, wearing a cell phone holster, I feel apprehensive.

2:16 PM Oct 25 I’m mad envious of @JuddApatow and his squirting toilet.

8:40 AM Oct 24 Hands down, the best song about potato salad you will ever, ever hear. http://j.mp/awIuUd

11:00 PM Oct 23 Butterscotch Life Savers sloshing around in your mouth. They get soft and you crunch ’em and slosh some more.

5:53 PM Oct 23 Advised I should stick to tweeting on topics I know something about. Then attacked for tweeting about Japanese breast pillows.

11:30 AM Oct 20 Anybody here ever assigned to bang erasers together and get rid of the chalk dust?

6:10 AM Oct 20 OMG! A play based on my tweets! Should you go, please don’t fall asleep during the soliloquies. http://j.mp/ctPOt2

12:53 PM Oct 19 Here in Hawaii I was tweeting at 4 a.m. Chicago time after jet-lagging. Now I look at the tweets and see deplorable typos. Mea maxima culpa. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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