16 Signs You’re Perpetually Stuck In Your Awkward Stage

Ahhh, the not so good ole days of middle school, where you had not a clue how to interact with others or even how to begin to do so. Ever feel like that never went away? We’ve all been there at some point or another…or all of the time. 

1. You see an acquaintance coincidentally walking in your direction. What else is there to do but turn in another direction to avoid the painful awkwardness of making eye contact and saying hi?

2. You still have no idea how some girls can get their hair to look voluminous, yet not frizzy, or straight yet not flat.

3. Or how some guys manage to achieve the whole I-just-rolled-out-of-bed-but-not-really tousled yet tamed look.

4. You get super excited when you have a mildly positive interaction with someone and recap it in your head (if not to others) for at least ten minutes after. The interactions that induce this excitement are usually with strangers, but they occasionally are even triggered by friends. And let’s not even mention your crush.

5. Those middle school years of never being able to find pants that were the right length for you haven’t quite ended (this especially is a problem for shorties like me, and I can imagine this issue exists for particularly tall people as well).

6. You stutter your way through arguments with other people, only to come up with the perfectly sassy, smart, yet not too mean comeback ten minutes after said argument occurred.

7. Then again, you avoid arguments and any form of conflict like the plague anyway, opting to curl up in a ball and be passive aggressive instead.

8. You’ve tripped in public at least twice in the past month.

9. Your face turns beet red just at the sight of a cute guy/girl

10. Let’s not even discuss your reaction if said guy/girl TALKS TO YOU.

11. However, you will definitely be discussing this later with everyone from your mom to your best friend’s roommate.

12. Dancing is just not your thing. Unless alcohol is involved, in which case it becomes your thing for at least a few hours.

13. Neither are sports for that matter.

14. You have come to terms with the fact that you will never stop geeking out over your crushes on various fictional characters. Like, YOU KNOW THAT THESE PEOPLE DO NOT EXIST. But you want them to, so badly. And in your mind, they do.

15. Your friends have accepted the fact that you will never stop making lame jokes (especially puns, your favorite) or telling stories that would only be funny if they were there too.

16. You own these characteristics, and have a love/hate relationship with them. But mostly love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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