I Have Moon Dust In My Hair And Stardust In My Eyes

Bright moon over the rock formations on a starry night at Arches National Park
thomas shellberg / Unsplash

I have moon dust in my hair, stardust in my eyes, and a locket in my heart.

I capture sweet sayings and frozen moments in the necklace you crafted from the soil of your land. It blazes red, much like my blood. It blazes red, much like the moon will this morning.

I let the love burn like fire.

Lighting up my core with burnt oranges that would throw Gordon Ramsey into a tizzy and ruby reds that would make something wicked this way come.

I let the love burn like fire.

I let the memories freeze like ice.

You asked where I wanted to go, and I said, “To the stars.” Little did I know when I said stars, you thought sun. Little did I know, you would take me there and further. You always had a way of giving more than expected and taking less than offered. This is rare. Most people have it the other way around. I’m afraid I won’t see this twice in my lifetime.

So, I set my locket of cardiac images in silver and sapphire, and dip it in water only an iceberg could be proud of. I let the temperature drop so low that even if dementia should set into my mind, the love I feel would still be frozen within my core. It just might take a notebook to connect the trail of brisk, blue dots from my head to my heart. Blue, much like the jewel of congealed memories I wear upon my neck. Blue, much like the moon will be this morning.

I let the memories freeze like ice.

They say we will wake up to a “cosmic trifecta”. We have three rare things happening all at once. But darling, if I’m blue, you’re red, and we are larger than life. We are our own cosmic trifecta every day of the year. So, this morning the world will capture pictures of a phenomenon and I’ll capture one more image of us. TC mark


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