8 Mother-Knows-Best Fashion Advices That You Should’ve Listened To

We have all been there; mother dearest decides to bestow upon you her feminine words of wisdom and we all-of-a-sudden become selectively hearing-disabled. In my young adult years, I am realizing more than ever just how much of that advice I should have taken.

1. Don’t shave the top half of your legs unless you absolutely HAVE to.

Hair grows back darker and thicker EVERY time you shave it. I remember the first time I shaved – I was 13, self-conscious about the boys in gym class and ended up covered in nicks and scrapes. Now, I wait as long as humanly possible before breaking out the Venus razor and Skintimate cream. (Seriously, ask my boyfriend) If it will not be seen, who cares?

2. Take a picture of your haircut the day after so you can show your hairstylist in the future.

I recently got an excellent haircut from this adorable hair stylist in the town where I go to school. (If you are in or around Evanston, please go to Vera’s Hair Salon – she works wonders with haircuts and eyebrow threading) Rather than trying to describe my haircut in layman’s terms to a professional, I finally just took a picture. Make sure to style it as you normally would!

3. Invest in a great, red lipstick.

One of the things I remember most about my mother is that her lipstick was always flawless. Admittedly, I was afraid of lipstick until very, very recently, but now that I have broken the wall? I will never go back. Check out this guide for the perfect shade.

4. Have a go-to fragrance

Mine? Burberry Brit. Find a fragrance that you love, and make it your go-to. Maybe it is the scent that makes you feel sexy, or one that always gets you a few extra compliments – whatever it is, spray or dab it on behind you knees, at the nape of your neck and the inside of your elbows and wrists. These areas are where blood flows closely to the surface of your skin, thus making the scent stronger.

5. Always have a pair of black tights and a pair of nude tights on hand.

You never know when you may nick yourself while shaving, have a self-tanner disaster or just really hate how pale your legs look.

6. When in doubt, go for a clear topcoat on a well-manicured nail.

Never worry about color-clashing again! French manicures can chip and be difficult to maintain, so if you are unsure about what hue to paint your nails, go with a simple cut, file and buff with a clear topcoat.

7. Certain things will never go out of style; others cycle in and out of popularity as trends change.

Think Ray-Ban, Sperry Topsiders, Converse, Leggings, crop tops, “Daisy Dukes” and maxi dresses/skirts. Spend some time on Tumblr and Pinterest, find a few, great staple items and spend a couple of extra bucks on them – you will not regret it.

8. Always under-pluck

I did it, you did it – we are all guilty of having barely-there eyebrows, and there are the Myspace/Facebook photos to prove it. Stick with the natural shape of your eyebrow and pluck anything that stands alone. If you are super nervous, go to a professional and have them shape your brows for you. All you have to do is keep up on the strays! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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