For Some Insane Reason, Conservatives Now Love Lena Dunham

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From the moment the first season of Girls premiered on HBO, conservatives have been allergic to the show, believing the characters were spoiled, bankrupt of traditional values, and plagued with narcissism that conservatives are adamant is the prototype to millennial liberals.

Conservatives weren’t the only ones that took issue with Girls. Many in the black community were perplexed; in fact, angered by the all-white cast and the little-to-none presence of minorities on the show, and in all places, Brooklyn, New York.

Reservedly, though, conservatives hated the show most.

For them, Dunham represents everything they disdain. She’s pro-choice and a Democrat. She calls white men out on their privilege. She admits her own white privilege. She’s anti-Trump. She ascribes to feminism. And she’s showed her vagina on the show. She also refuses to apologize for being her very individual and free self.

Amy Zimmerman via The Daily Beasts observed conservatives deep hate for Dunham best.

“While hating on Lena Dunham is, at this point, an odd national pastime, conservative Dunham demonization is particularly widespread and cruel. It’s also strange — for all the fuss Breitbart & Co. made about Lena in her lingerie, you would think Instagram had published a picture of Obama’s REAL birth certificate. But the far right has been picking on Lena Dunham her entire career…”

On The Washington Post, Tim Herrera speaks on conservatives’ hate of Dunham too, writing, “National Review hates Lena Dunham! Boy, does it hate Lena Dunham. But not because it doesn’t like her show, or her new book, or even her artist parents. National Review hates Lena Dunham because … well, to be completely honest, I’m not actually sure why. But by God, they want you to know they hate Lena Dunham.”

The right has written think piece after think piece about the lack of morals and traditional values depicted on Girls — despising storylines like Jessa’s abortion party to Shoshanna accidentally smoking crack.

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Some conservatives could be relied upon to always be on the frontline of complaining about how often Lena Dunham’s character was nude — because the shock of Dunham’s non-zero size body was seen as crass, self-absorbed, and overexposing.

Liberal feminists, however, rejoiced at seeing an average size woman on television with cellulite too. Along with loving and relating to a host of other daily imperfections; like bad boyfriends, self-absorb friends, who can also be self-loathing and all-consuming in their personal misery.

Conservatives, though, weren’t buying what Dunham was selling, especially her politics.

“Dunham’s latest offering to our national conversation on liberal fascism sounds like something a struggling sophomore womyn’s studies student at Gudger College might blurt out after a particularly rippin’ bong hit,” said Kurt Schlichter in IJR in response to Dunham’s vocal support of Clinton.

They also weren’t buying Lena Dunham’s confession in her nonfiction essays in “Not That Kind of Girl” that she was raped in college by a Republican. Seemingly, the right was bothered with Dunham stating the alleged man that raped her was white male Republican. Thus, the daggers were commissioned. The far-right online news site, like Breitbart, was determined to crucify Dunham for what they deemed was a lie because she used a pseudonym and never reported the crime to police.

“Lena Dunham isn’t the only victim of her sexual assault, and yet despite the fact that her unconscionable behavior resulted in an innocent family man being accused of her rape, the “Girls” creator is still being celebrated and honored as a sexual assault role model at events like this weekend’s Variety’s Power of Women New York Luncheon, and throughout the mainstream media,” reported John Nolte.

But Dunham didn’t falsely accuse a man of rape, Breitbart did. Facts aside, Dunham was conservatives favorite “it” hate girl.
That is; until now.

In the sixth and final season of Girls, we learn that Lena Dunham’s character Hannah is pregnant, and she’s planning on keeping the baby. Conservatives finally have found a storyline they could get onboard with. Now, they’re defending the show and praising Dunham’s creative prowess.

HeatSteet has an article titled Why So Many Conservatives Love Lena Dunham’s ‘Girls.’

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“I can’t call my obsession with HBO’s ‘Girls’ guilty pleasure. I don’t feel any embarrassment when I profess my love for Lena Dunham’s hit dramedy, despite the funny looks I get from friends and coworkers when I declare it one of the most brilliantly written shows I’ve ever seen,” says Joe Simonson.

Of course, Joe only loves it because “the show brilliantly captures the existential malaise of so many millennials.” Right. So, the fact that finally, Girls is following a “traditional values” storyline from an actor regularly chastised for her liberal, pro-choice politics has nothing to do with it?

S.E. Cupp of New York Daily News thinks Dunham is trying to atone for all her years of out-of-touch leftist rhetoric.

“Is Dunham trying to atone for the recent uproar over her off-color pro- abortion remarks? writes Cupp.

“…While Dunham is rightly criticized in life for being out of touch with real women, she rarely gets credit for getting them right on in art. And when it comes to millennials and their views on abortion, Hannah is in the mainstream.”

Doesn’t this mean that Dunham is mainstream being that she’s a writer on the show? Oh never mind, moving on.

Although suspicious of the future of the storyline based on the characters list of ‘Reasons Not To Have A Baby,’ Dawn Slusher writes in Newsbusters that, “Maybe Dunham’s goal is to show a supposed “fair and balanced” storyline by having Hannah choose life…”

So, the woman once accused of eliciting culture wars is now acceptable in conservatives’ circles? Stranger things have happened. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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