This Is Why You Have To Be Brave

A man with a backpack approaching the edge of a ledge over a precipice
Elijah Hiett


Fear of embarrassment.

Fear of rejection.

Fear of failure.

Fear of never being good enough.

Fear of not living to your full potential.


So many different forms of fear plague us in different situations, in different phases of life, every day. Why is it so easy to be fearful and so very difficult to take that leap of faith into the unknown, driven by courage and self-belief? Why are we so quick to downplay our capabilities and so reluctant to appreciate our potential? Why do we spend hours and countless thoughts on what we do not seem to be excelling at, yet barely reward ourselves for our small victories?

The truth is that our fears hold us back. Fear magnifies everything that could possibly go wrong in any situation. It leaves us questioning whether we’re capable, ready… worth it. In some instances, fear makes us slaves to our comfort zones, unable to step out because – what if I fail? And in as much as fear is part of normal human nature, learning to conquer our fear is essential to self- growth and progress.

The best people in literally all fields have, in the past, admitted to being afraid – it’s the pre-match jitters, the anxious sweating before a final exam, the pacing before a job interview, and the self-doubt that faithfully accompanies it. What stands out, however, for those that have excelled and continue to excel, is the fact that for them, faith always trumps fear. Hope and a firm belief in self leaves almost no room for doubt. Even when things don’t seem to be working in their favour (because, hey, things don’t always happen as we’d like them to), they try to remain positive. Try, until something eventually works out. And if it doesn’t, they don’t wallow in the past for long, but they re-strategize, re-evaluate, and regroup – with the occasional breakdown, yes – but nothing can stand in the way of determination and a steely will to get back up and try again.

The truth is that you will never fully get rid your fears. They will still greet you like an old friend every time you try something new, land a new job, get into a relationship, sit an exam, or go for an interview. And while it’s seemingly impossible for your fear to totally dissipate, it IS possible to choose what should triumph: Excitement, or anxiety? Winning confidence, or paralyzing self-doubt? The happiness that gives leaves you with a spring in your step, or worry that completely drains you? And most importantly – faith, or fear? The choice is yours.

Undoubtedly, letting go of the fear, anxiety, self-doubt and qualms that continue to cloud your own perception of yourself and what you’re capable of, is no easy task. It will take time, and it will take willpower. You’ll fall sometimes. Sometimes what you fear might actually happen – but that won’t be the end of your story. Your story may have hurdles along the way, but it’ll have a flourishing finish. Be patient with yourself, shower yourself with self-love and affirmations of positivity every single day, and soon, you’ll realize that fear won’t have its home in your mind anymore. You’ll achieve so much more – and soon realize, that you always could. TC mark

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