This Is What Love Is

I am not saying that you shouldn’t love. No, love with all you have and until you can. What I actually mean is, love is too precious to be treated like this. It’s not fair to treat love like any other feeling. It’s not fair to mix it with jealousy and pain.

Love is supposed to remove all of your doubts, all of your pains and not create them. It’s like we all are chasing and in some case, feeling something which we don’t even know. No, you can’t love someone and just unlove them, that is so not how love works. No, you cannot say that the situations weren’t right because if you love someone you make the situations right. You change whole of your destiny for the person you love and you accept all their flaws.

I can’t shout this enough but there is a difference between accepting flaws and tolerating psychological abuse. There is a line between them. If you happily accept someone’s flaws, that’s love and if you do it forcefully or against your will, that’s abuse. You better not think of it as love and tolerate that torture because love never brings you torture.

There are so many people thinking that they need love, well these people need to know that you don’t need love. You can be happy without it, love just adds to your happiness, that is it. It’s like having a cherry on the top of a cake which surely makes you happy but you can enjoy the cake without it anyway.

Yes, we all want love. Yes we do, and even I want it. But I have come to terms that I have love, either it’s in the form of my friends or my parents, I have love because love means care, support and trust, which they all give me. But you know what’s wrong with people? We all want love in the form of a person, whether of opposite sex or the same, whose our age, a little small or big will work, but who is neither our relative nor our friend. Well, let me tell you, that’s not love, that is what you call a ‘companion’.

There is so much wrong with people’s perspective of love. Love is like heaven but it’s the mind and actions of people that spoils it’s purity. No, love doesn’t cause a heartbreak, it’s the foolishness of the person which causes it. It’s the silliness of people to mix ‘attraction’, ‘infatuation’, ‘crush’ and I don’t know what, with love.

Love is too pure to be felt by us not-so-intelligent, who surely consider themselves the smartest of all, to feel love. It’s a little too much for our small hearts and straight-forward brains that tends to convert this magnificent feeling into something wicked. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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