For All Those Who Feel Unmotivated


Self-motivation and undivided concentration are the two things that build the foundation of not only a successful professional life, but also your personal. However, even the most inspired of people find themselves in a slump from time-to-time, whilst going through the elaborate process of life.

At times like these, what do you do to get back up on your feet and find that motivation once again that will improve your performance at work and keep you and those around you happy? Here is what you do.

The Law of Attraction:

The Law of Attraction is based upon the philosophy that like attracts like, which is why you should constantly be expecting and asking for things you want, and working in the direction of achieving them, because according to the law of attraction, you will receive what you expect. If you think good and positive thoughts, you will attract good and positive things. So, ensure that the thoughts your mind ponders upon are not negative, because as I said, like attracts like.

Make Things Fun:

In order to be more focused on the task at hand, no matter how boring it is, you need to find a way to make it interesting and fun. For example, most people consider going to the gym as a sinister form of punishment, but they wouldn’t think of it that way if they recognized the good reasons behind the task, and once they did so, they will have fun doing it. Find a good reason to do anything that you need to do, and you will enjoy doing it much more than you used to.

Reward Yourself:

This does not imply that you have a whole pizza by yourself after every hour spent in the gym, because that makes the latter task kinda redundant. No, I’m talking about short, ten-minute breaks after you have slogged for an hour straight, with absolutely no distractions. These breaks will help you get your mind to rest for a little bit before it needs to start whirring again. They can be highly beneficial if you use them productively. For example, read five pages of the book you are currently in the middle of, or massage your eyes to take the strain off of them, or better yet, communicate with a colleague who is facing a problem. Don’t waste your break skimming through your Facebook feed.

Understand The Significance:

Another helpful factor that will help you stay focused and motivated is the knowledge that you are contributing something to the world by doing the job that you are doing. You don’t have to necessarily be running an NGO in order to feel like you are making a difference. Recognize the impact your job is having on your clients, your colleagues, your organization, and by extension, the society. Once you identify the impact of your job and what might happen if you fall into a slump, it will drive you to keep at your job with determination and continue contributing to the world.

Little, everyday changes in your routine can lead to a striking increase in motivation. Practicing yoga, exercising for at least a half hour on a daily basis, and keeping yourself away from negativity are some more ways in which you can stay motivated and, in turn, motivate the people around you to do their best. You never know who is looking up to you for inspiration. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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