Modern Day Feminism Doesn’t Mean Chivalry Is Dead

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I’m a feminist. I always have been. However, in modern times, I’ve noticed quite a lot of backlash with that term. A part of me wonders if that’s because people are confused on what being a ‘feminist’ means (ex: my male friend who asked me if modern day feminism is killing chivalry.)

Honestly, feminism takes on a different meaning for each individual, but when it comes down to it, it’s pretty basic.

Feminism is the desire to have the same rights as our male counterparts when it comes to decisions about our pay and bodies. It’s wanting to be able to choose our own life path – whether that means becoming the CEO of a company or staying at home and raising a family.

Here’s the thing, feminism isn’t eliminating chivalry; it’s just morphing to fit with modern times.

If the guy is picking her up, modern day feminists still appreciate it when the guy rings the doorbell instead of honking his horn or sending a quick ‘outside’ text. Modern day feminists also appreciate it when you hold the door for us as we enter the restaurant. We have no problem with you picking up the check at the fancy-shmancy restaurant, especially if you were the one to suggest it.

We just want it to be a two way street.

We also want to ring your doorbells, and hold the door open for you (because slamming doors in people’s faces is rude). We like to pay for half the dinners, especially on date nights when we suggest the fancy-shmancy dinner.

Modern day feminists just want a balance – a mix of being treated like a princess, while treating you like a prince. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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