The Bittersweet Truth About The One Who Got Away

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As human beings we have a tendency to reminisce over our pasts and see things in a false and better light. We relive the good times, never the bad; living in these fantasy alter worlds where it’s all laughs and smiles, never tears.

We think about pasts loves, reminiscing over the one that was different than the rest, the one that made our hearts skip just a bit faster than the rest. We think about the timing and wonder if we were just on different pages. We convince ourselves things could be different in a different life, a different time, or different place.

And maybe there’s some truth in that.

We were on differing pages, not because we wanted to, but because of the timing and circumstances.

One got a job East Coast, while the other had to stay West Coast. One was ready to settle down and have kids, while the other was still enjoying their youth and trying to be reckless and young.

Maybe it was just circumstances and timing.
But, in more cases than not, it’s so much more.

The one that got away, in all honesty, was just the person who left.

The real one is the individual that stays. They’re there every morning, after every fight. They make it easy. You never have to second guess your worth or whether they want you. It’s in their arms where you’ll find comfort, time after time.

It’s easy to look back on our past relationships and wonder what went wrong.

But, just like that person made your heart skip just a bit faster, you’ll find a new one, a better one, who will do just the same.

Only difference? This person will stay. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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