Be Wary Of The ‘Cool Girl’

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Kendyle Nelsen

Be wary of the flirty girl. The cool girl. The one sitting at the bar, all eyes on her. She seems unbreakable, but baby it’s just a game, an artwork she’s mastered, every move carefully detailed out.

Trust me, I am her.

She’s the girl that knows the power of her attraction and how to have an undeniable presence. She knows just the right way of glancing at a boy at a bar and how to hold his gaze, just for a brief moment, before turning away. And how to sit there with a spaced-out/uninterested look pretending her mind is somewhere else – giving her an element of mystery and making them want her just a little bit more.

She knows just how to apply her lipstick in a sensual way, always getting the boys to stare for a second longer. And how to play with her hair, just the right amount and just the right way to be deemed playful.

She knows when to make that flirty face – wide eyes and a semi kissy-lip look – when she is excited, laughing, or thinking/confused. She sometimes bites her lip – but in the most innocent way, intriguing any boy without them even knowing.

She knows her effect and impact on men, and how to use her features and sense of playfulness and mystery to get what she wants.

But, you should know it’s all just a game – come morning, she’ll be gone – on to the next one. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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