I Still Imagine Your Body Against Mine

Larm Rmah

I sometimes still text you.
Mainly at 2 am.
When the world’s a bit quiet.
And I got nowhere to run.

I immediately delete your number.
Convince myself it’ll never happen again.

But, it’s 2 am. Another day passes and I find myself stalking you.
I still remember your number.
All 10 digits.
Doesn’t matter if I’m drunk or sober.
I can always recite it.
In the quietest of nights.
When I’m all alone.

I sometimes find myself sleeping by myself.
You’re a million miles away and yet I reach out,
convinced I can still feel your body against mine.

I always wake up alone, realizing it was all just dream.

I know I’m pathetic. My god I’m pathetic.
And yet I still want you.

I think a part of me needed you to fight for me.
To pick me. Choose me. Love me.

But, that’s not reality.
It’s 2 am. I’m all alone.
You’re already gone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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