I Know It Looks Like She’s Quitting, But Her Heart Just Needs A Break

girl trying to stay strong, broken hearted girl
Lucas Pimenta

I know it looks like she’s quitting, but this is all her heart can take.
She’s doing the best she can with all the pieces missing.

I know it looks like she’s settling, but she’s just trying to survive.

She’s saying goodbye to the pieces that no longer matter.
The pieces her fragile heart, for the moment, can’t take.

She’s prioritizing. She’s realizing what matters.
She’s saying goodbye to the parts that don’t.

I know it looks like she’s running.
But, she’s taking care of herself.

Her life’s just a bit damaged and wounded.
Filled with people walking in and out,
Friends and boys alike.

She’s damaged and wounded.
But, not broken.
Pieces of her have just gone missing.
Pieces she shall eventually go out and find.

It’s all temporary.

Tomorrow will be a new day.
A better day.
Tomorrow, she’ll conquer it all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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