The Brutal Truth About Almost Relationships And Why You Keep Getting Stuck In Them

erik cid

Maybe it’s time we look at ourselves and identify the problem instead of constantly blaming the outside world.

Trust me, I write this from no point of judgment. I am you. I’m the girl that gets flirted with, texted at 2am. The one who guys always want to ‘Netflix and Chill’ with, but never want to wake up to.

We do it to ourselves.

We text them back at 2am, always stumbling over our words. Clothes flying. What is it about us? Are we really not strong enough to walk away? A part of me wonders if we’re just delusional. We’re convinced they can change.

We agree to Netflix and Chill ‘dates’. We believe their bullshit when they say they have an early start. We call our Ubers home, leaving in the quietest of nights.

We allow them to do it, to treat us like shit.

We respond to last minute texts when their friends have cancelled. We bail on our friends. Promise next time will be different.

We agree to be one of the bros. Drinking whiskey. Chugging IPAs.

I wonder if it’s the way we’re portraying ourselves. We want to be viewed as tough and strong, as the chill girl. But, in doing so, we’re making the outside world assume we’re resilient, that their harsh words don’t have an impact on us. And in some cases this may even be true. We are the chill girl who can float from one adventure to the next.

But, there are also various instances where we are far from okay. Far from emotionless. We fear showing emotions because emotions mean we care. And our generation is so focused on caring less.

Maybe it’s on us to stop accepting almost. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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