Here’s To The Girls Always On The Go

Patrick Hendry

Here’s to the girls always on the go.

The girls who catch flights. One day here. A week there. A month abroad. The ones who refuse to sign year long leases.

It’s to the girls who get bored easily. Always craving adventure. Always wanting something more.

We’ve heard it all before – we’re reckless. We’re spoiled. We’re immature. We’re young.

Most days – we ignore them.

We block them out, chanting our motto – anywhere but here.

But, we can’t help but wonder if they’re right.

We crave adventure. We need something more. We’re always on the go.

But, maybe in the process, we’re pushing away the ones we love.

We can’t seem to find a relationship that sticks. They all fear we’ll choose adventure over them.

We wish we could reach out to them. To tell them we won’t choose adventure over them.

We’re bored easily.

So challenge us. Teach us something new.

Surprise us with the little things.

A picnic on the beach an hour away.

And to my fellow girl,

Catching flights over feels.

Don’t ever be apologetic for who you are.

We’re wired differently.

Craving adventure more than the rest.

Don’t let the world tell you, you are wrong.

Catch the damn flight.

Be on the go.

But, also stand still in the moments that matter.

Stand still in your career. In your friends. In the boy you love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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