You’re Gone And Now All I Hear Is Silence


My world used to be filed with noise. Chaos. Clutter. We used to talk every day and through our talks I felt fireworks. Even in the moments we sat in silence, I still felt at ease – knowing you were right there, at arms length. I never felt alone.

We used to talk about our futures, as if we ever even had a clue. We were young. Reckless. And yet, we talked about our futures with such ease — I was going to get a job East Coast and you’d follow soon after. We’d pack our bags and hit the road, never looking back.

We used to talk every day – morning to night. You were the one person I thought would always remain a constant in my life. I never imagined a world without you. A world without daily talks about politics, our futures, our love lives. I never thought there’d come a day when I couldn’t pick up my phone and find comfort crying in your arms. I never thought it would get complicated.

But, just like that – life happened. Instead of road tripping from West Coast to East Coast, we road tripped in different life directions. We said goodbye. Except, we never really said goodbye. We just stopped talking.

So now you’re gone. And I’m left here. All alone, drenched in my silence. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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