The Unedited Truth On What Anxiety Attacks Are Like

Fabrizio Verrecchia

It’s not like what you see in the movies.
All cute and dainty like.
It’s not just butterflies in your stomach.
A slight difficulty trying to catch your breath.

You’ll feel your heart racing. Your pulse so high.
You’re convinced you might be dying from a heart attack.

You’ll find yourself physically unable to breathe.
You keep opening your mouth.

But your lungs seem to lack the ability to grasp any air.

The butterflies are more like a snake.
Eating away at your insides.
You know you have to eat to give you the strength.
But, you just can’t seem to.
Every bite makes you uneasy.
I think it’s because you fear feeding the snake.
And making this already powerful creature any stronger. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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