We’re The Generation Of Not Caring

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We’re the generation of not caring.

We don’t like getting attached so we have a string of casual hookups.

What is it about our generation that makes us refuse to care?

We refuse to get hurt, so we put up this front, mistakingly convincing others that we could care less, it’s all just fun and games. But, maybe that’s a lie. We find ourselves falling for the casual hookups, but we refuse to admit it. Because admitting it would make us weak. It would imply we actually cared. Our generation is so focused on caring less. We want to be on the offense, never on the defense.

So we convince them that we don’t care. Just one guy in a string of guys. They mean nothing.

We lie to ourselves. We lie to them. Our friends see the way we look at them. They ask us why we’re running? The chemistry is clearly there.

We tell our friends that he could be the one. The one that convinces us to settle down, to stop running from one adventure to the next. But, we never text them letting them know. We don’t want to sound clingy, over eager.

And just like that, they’re convinced we don’t care.

So we say goodbye, go our separate ways.

Except, we don’t say goodbye. Not really. We simply stop talking. Sometimes for reasons as simple as the other person begin texting us too much, they became needy so we stopped caring.

Or maybe they stopped texting us, they stopped caring, so we stopped caring too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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