7 Honest Ways To Tell It’s Time To Move On From Him

time to move on
Dimi Katsavaris

Ever wanted someone that much that even after a long period of time, even after you both date other people, been touched by other people, you just let this person waltz right back into your life. Despite how much pain they’ve caused you, here you are opening your door for the nth time. Well I tell you stop. Here are some reasons why you should move on.

1. When he makes you feel like the first choice (at first you think finally it’s my turn.)

Remember, you shouldn’t have been an option in the first place. Save yourself some pride and buy chicken nuggets instead.

2. When he reaches out only when it’s convenient for him.

But when it’s you wanting to see him all the excuses come to surface. Stop being pushy on this topic, if he wants to see you for reasons other than hooking up he’ll ask you to lunch or dinner. Stop messaging, you’ll look desperate. Block that asshole.

3. When he never asks how you’re doing.

Well this is obvious, he doesn’t give a shit about you while you wonder to the point of going crazy if he’s doing alright. Hard to resist yes, but Netflix and pizza? Will keep your mind off of him.

4. When he never texts back.

Stop making excuses for him that he’s too busy or whatever, if you’re important he’ll let you know. Again, block that asshole. Tip: change the last digit of his number cause being aware you blocked him doesn’t always work so when you get drunk it’s safe.

5. When he doesn’t show affection if there are other people around, especially his circle.

He doesn’t want his people to know or get the idea that you’re dating or at least going somewhere with your relationship. Well if it isn’t your average jerk. Ditch him, get hot and make out with one of his friends!! joke or just detach from all his peers and show them you’re better off.

6. When he doesn’t say sorry.

He’s not stupid, he knows when he’s becoming a jerk, hell, there might be times you let him but the fact that he never apologized is a big red flag hello he doesn’t give a damn. Girl, tick tock time to move on, you don’t deserve guys like these, there are 7 billion people in the world he ain’t Hercules.

7. When he never wants to talk about what you mean to him.

there’ll come a time you won’t be able to take it anymore and you’ll pour your heart out and ask him head on what you guys are but he’ll shrug it off and say “let’s not do this” at this point you’ve done your part, your part on the what ifs at least you said something and it’s not your fault so just walk away from this dude and get yourself (well first tequila) and a man!!!

These are just some of the reasons why I hate modern day dating, why I hate the “let’s keep it casual” cause someone some way always gets hurt in the end. And who are these people to judge who deserves to be loved and who doesn’t. And you have to rub it in their face that they’re just not enough. Assholes. When did we become too proud or too much of a coward to say how we feel? It saddens me how I’ve experienced these things and how this era conceptualizes love. It’s the TOTGA or FUBU or the most common relationship status of “we have a thing” how did the concept of dating get this fucked up? Then at the end of the day you’ll see tweets like “you’ll always be my favorite mistake” or “we’ll never be more than a what if” what the hell? Why do we complicate these things? I FUCKING. HATE. IT.

But I’ll never lose hope. Say I’m a hopeless romantic but I’m not stupid to wait on Disney kind of love stories. I just want a real one, a raw one, the complexity of it and the pain attached to it. I’d rather have that than feel nothing at all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

For the first time in my life, I wanna do something I love.. to write.

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