This Is Why I’ve Never Had A Boyfriend

I never had a serious relationship, never met the one, never had to introduce anyone saying “ this is my boyfriend _______ .” But in all honesty, this doesn’t really worry me in any way. When I tell people that i have never had a boyfriend or that significant other in my life, they can’t seem to get their head wrapped around it, trying to figure why.

“Why haven’t you had a boyfriend before?” “Is there something wrong with you?” “But you’re so pretty” “Wasn’t there that one guy that used to like you? what happened?” “Or that other guy you used to go on dates with?” I start getting bombarded with all these questions that I don’t really have a specific answer to, the answer that everyone is looking for, that would make them understand why.

Here’s an answer that at least kind of makes sense in my head. Maybe I was too busy? juggling between school, work and family issues; I just didn’t have time for a relationship. Yes, I have went out partying clubbing and all, but during that time I focused on strengthening my friendships rather than searching for a potential boyfriend. Maybe I was too picky?

I know this makes me sound self absorbed but maybe i just never found a guy that I am attracted who will also treat me right and I am not going to lower my standard for any guy, either should any girl. Maybe I just didn’t want a boyfriend? I wasn’t ready for all the emotional and physical exhaustions that came along with it. Maybe there is no right answer to why i never had a boyfriend?

This doesn’t really make me any less of a human, or any less pretty or any less approachable. I just shows that I know what I want, when I want it. It shows that I will not let down my expectations because know i deserve one of the best. It also doesn’t mean that I am not open to the idea of perusing a relationship with someone, because I am. It’s just that will, when it’s right. We all know, when it feels right, it’s right. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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