4 Stages Of Getting A Haircut

1. The ‘Hair-spiration’ Stage

You see someone just got a haircut and think, “Ooh, new hair new life.” So it kind of inspired you to get a haircut as well. Now here’s the dilemma. To trim or to major chop? Of course, you consult the internet. Thank God you have Google, Weheartit, Pinterest, etc. You start saving every cute haircut for your face shape to your camera roll. Comparing each and every style you have saved, you still can’t decide which one to get.

2. The ‘Cut It Out’ Stage

This is it. You have already chosen which style to “get inspiration from.” Your stylist looks at it, hesitantly. It gives you the fear. The fear of actually having your hair cut. But you start showing him more pictures, actually asking him which suits you better. You agree to ‘The One’ and now they start shampooing and blow drying your hair. This is it. There’s no turning back.

3. The ‘Hey It’s Not That Bad’ Stage

You step out of the salon feeling your new chop. Walking around the town flaunting your new hair. You take a selfie, showing your followers what a cute new hair you have. But the longer you stare at it, the ugly it gets. And uglier, and uglier. Then you realize that it is not entirely miserable and it’s not that bad. You could totally live with it for a couple of weeks. It will grow out.

4. The ‘I Don’t Care, I Love It’ Stage

Finally, a good hair day! You’ve waited long enough for this day to come. This only means one thing, SELFIES!!! You just can’t wait for more days like this. Then you realize, you can have good hair day every day. You get too giddy to wake up a little earlier than the usual so you could have your new daily hair care rituals in the morning. More selfies!! Now you become the new ‘Hair-spiration’ for others. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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