23 Signs You’re A Stationery Addict


1. You have traveled to the other end of the city to buy a diary.

2. You have more diaries than you have ideas to store them.

3. On a bad day nothing perks you up than visiting a book-store and browsing through their stationery collection.

4. You scan the insides of a diary to caress the paper quality.

5. Every time you visit a new country you want to scout markets looking for notebooks, pens and stationery items unique to that place. You have a fear-of-losing-out.

6. In a house full of notebooks in every corner, your reminders, to-do lists are scrawled on multiple pages.

7. You love faking about a possible financial crisis because of your stationery addiction.

8. The wave of happiness sloshing in your heart on picking a new journal is immediately followed by panic – “will my writing be worthy of its gorgeous pages”.

9. You might love your elite stationery collection but mass-produced, inexpensive school notebooks are ones you stick to for daily use.

10. You hoard stationery from every press conferences you have attended.

11. On the first day of work you ask the HR for the stationery kit and wait eagerly for it to arrive. Till then you daydream about its contents.

12. You judge your new colleague by the planner she uses.

13. You have subscribed to every stationery brand’s newsletter to get updates on new additions.

14. You get into an hour-long conversation every time you meet a fellow-stationery addict.

15. Staff at the stationery stores know your name.

16. Your every dalliance with every diary and notebook has ended prematurely.

17. You wish there was a career profile that involved travelling around the world and shopping for stationery.

18. You can’t wait to have kids solely because you can buy more stationery.

19. Every time a colleague quits the company, you wish they would pass on their stationery collection to you.

20. You spend 5 minutes deciding which notebook to carry for your next brainstorming meeting.

21. You spend the next 10 minutes deciding which pen to carry.

22. Your friends have no difficulty deciding your gift for your birthday.

23. You go to IKEA to buy boxes…to store your notebooks and planners. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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