7 Things Indians Living Abroad Are Tired Of Being Asked

image - Flickr / Vinoth Chandar
image – Flickr / Vinoth Chandar

1. Did you learn English after coming to America?! Your grasp on vocabulary is better than mine!

Yes. I am from India, which is the world’s second largest English-speaking country and learnt English as early as I was three-years-old.

2. India is a poor country, right?

India is not a poor country. It is a developing country with the quickest economic growth and is estimated to be a superpower in 2048! Watch out, world!

3. Whoa! You’re from India? You look like Peruvian/Mexican/Chinese…

One might be amazed to know the number of races, that India houses. If you take a full length trip across India, you will meet the very fair skinned, silky straight haired North Indians, the clear skinned, petite, narrow eyed North East Indians and the brown skinned, curly or wavy haired South Indians, all in one country!

4. You eat chicken? Wow, you are a broad minded Indian.

Not all Indians are Vegans. In fact, there are plenty of Indians, who detest the humble vegetables. Poultry, mutton, seafood, beef and pork emerge the winners apart from the exotic meat got from monkeys, deer and even Rhinos!

5. India is not a terrorist country?

India is a peace loving country. I once had the most ridiculous conversation with a friend’s mother. I invited her to visit India and she said she would never go to a country where they have terrorists with guns on the streets and dead bodies on the roads!

6. Wow, you speak so many languages!

8/10 Indians will speak proficiently in at least 4 languages. Well, coming from a country that has 780 languages, you ought to know more than one language!

7. What! You live with your parents back in India?

Although the trend of the Indian youth living with parents is diminishing quickly, a big chunk of the Indian youth, continue to live with their parents and support them. We think it is cool. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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