Flirting Is A Dance

I pinched you harder this time and ran away from the crowded room. It is funny how the urge to do mischief hits at the most unusual times. I glanced at your face and saw the irritation change into your typical rogue grin. Out of the room, into the open, I looked behind my shoulder to see if you were chasing me. You weren’t; and disheartened, I stopped.

It began to pour. Out there in the open, I let myself get drenched without struggling to find a shelter.

I was just beginning to wonder why you didn’t chase me when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned behind to nothingness. A few seconds later, I felt something hit me on my arm. I looked down on the ground to see a pebble. Beaming, I picked it up and started walking in the direction of its source. I was then hit by another pebble on my butt. I turned around, picked it up and laughed. Oh, your games! I wanted to see you more than ever now. I started walking briskly in that direction hoping I’d see you, but I couldn’t. Plus the darkness seemed to be on your side. I thought it was my turn to play the game and so I randomly threw one of the pebbles I had collected. Somewhere in the distance, I heard you laugh.

“You gave away your hiding place,” I called out to you.

“You still won’t find me,” you said.

“What makes you so sure?”

“You aren’t wearing your glasses. You’re blind without them,” you chuckled into the darkness.

“Hey, don’t you underestimate me. I see. I just don’t see clear,” I tried defending my eye sight.

You laughed, again, and called out my name. I looked to my left and saw your enormous 6-foot body getting drenched in the rain. I giggled.

“Hi,” I called out to you waving my hand.

“Hi,” you waved back at me with that irresistible smile.

I started to run towards you. Brimming with happiness, charged with affection, heart pacing fast with desire, I ran against the cold breeze, locked my arms around your neck and surrendered myself to you. You put your arms on the small of my back and picked me up.

“I told you I’d find you,” I whispered in your ears.

“I’m glad you did.”

And then, just how they write in books, my heart missed a beat.

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