8 Simple Things To Do Before The New Year


1. Write A Letter. Address it to that one person, place, thing or experience with who or which you didn’t get quite as much closure as you’d hoped for this past year. Frame the letter in love (this is important!) so you can truly let it go…onwards and forwards, into the New Year.

2. Jam Out! To that one song that made you most happy this past year. Take note of this song—put it in a playlist—so you can soak up lots of future nostalgic musical moments.

3. Give. There is always more room to give and a number of ways to do so. End the year on a good note—perhaps starting a new holiday tradition of giving, however possible. Need ideas? Bake for the homeless, lend you time to local charities, spend an afternoon in an elderly home, bring TOYS to the nearest Children’s Hospital…give a genuine compliment.

4. FOCUS. On all those things you did accomplish in the past year rather than all the things you haven’t quite gotten to yet. It’s easy to feel as if we didn’t do enough—never enough—but; most likely, you did more than you’re giving yourself credit for! Be proud and look forward to a new list of goals.

5. Make A Phone Call. To someone you’ve lost touch with in the last year. Were all in over our heads busy—relationships take effort—so, don’t let another minute pass by without reaching out to someone you care about…no matter how long it’s been.

6. Clear Your Clutter. Get rid of last semester’s books/notes, those clothes that no longer fit, clear the junk drawer, wash your car…start the New Year cleaned of past debris.

7. Get Outside. Bundle up and take a brisk walk or jog outdoors and just appreciate one last day of twenty fourteen in nature.

8. Practice Gratitude. Note all those things you’re grateful for instead of putting too much stress on all the things missing from your life. There are likely a number of people who dream of a life like yours. So, live it!

Happy Holidays! Don’t put too much pressure on 2015; believe that the very best is yet to come. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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