Healing From A Toxic Relationship Won't Happen Overnight

This Is For Anyone Who Feels Unworthy

This one is for people who choose everyone over themselves but hardly get chosen. You deserve love, so much more than what you lavish on the ones around you. You deserve to be heard and asked about because your story matters, your existence makes a very tangible difference. You deserve to feel cared for, simply because you are alive and your heart needs nourishment. You deserve to open your heart to someone because you carry something that no one else does. You deserve to be comforted because your heart needs to heal before you pour out the rare love it bears. You deserve so much more than what you think is good enough for you. 

You don’t have to settle for compromised relationships. You don’t have to hang in an obliterated relationship because you’re worth is never decided by the number of relationships you are in. You don’t have to go through heartbreak to let go of someone. All you have to do is know your worth. There is no person in the world who can genuinely show you your worth except yourself. If you feel unworthy or unloved, let me tell you-You are beautiful and strong, full of kindness and integrity. You are worthy of a love that is permanent. A love that never gives up. A love that values you for who you are.

Choose people who have guarded their hearts waiting to earn yours. The ones who truly recognize your beauty. The ones who aren’t scared of minor challenges. The ones who remind you of your worth. The ones who love to listen to your stories. The ones who wish to be with you. The ones who truly cherish your dreams and desires. The ones who make you laugh shamelessly. The ones who wish more time with you. The ones who are patient with you. The ones you can simply trust and rely on. The ones who truly appreciate your existence. The ones who break and heal with you. The ones who want to experience life with you. And most importantly, the ones who love youTC mark

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