Read This If You’re Always Putting Everyone Above Yourself

Young woman sitting on a sand beach in white shirt and jeans in Corfu
Pete Bellis / Unsplash

There are few people in this world who are able to exhibit and convey unconditional love. There are very few people who can love others leaving no place of expectancy in their hearts. There are very few people who can love you like you’re the most valuable person alive. There are very few people who take the effort to put everyone above themselves. There are very few people who can make you feel loved when their hearts are grieving with pain.

But these are the people who carry a cost that no one else does. They go through moments of hurt and despair alone. They try to satisfy their hearts with the fabricated love they receive in their relationships. They constantly fight the battles of their tender hearts with their human flesh. They give a listening ear to everyone around when their voices have never been heard. They walk with you even when their feet are buried in sinking sand. They go through several emotions that are masked under the smile on their faces.

I want to tell you that these are the kind of people who are concealed under the shadows of this chaotic world. They are somewhere in the corners bottling up their emotions and hurt. They are not easily visible because they are always in the process of making others shine in radiance. And in case you find these people, I encourage you to love them with everything you can ever give. I request you to give them their shares of love, understanding and care that they have lacked in most of their relationships.

Let them know that you can take a share of their hearts and be what they have always been to others. Let them know that the resource they pour out into the world holds great significance. Give them hope that their one-sided love can become whole. Show them that their worth is not the filtered pieces they have received. Let them know that they can receive what they have always given. Let them know that their time and emotions are not supposed to be taken for granted. But most importantly, let them know that they are loved. TC mark

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