Here Is Your Reminder That Your Story Is Not Over Yet

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This is for the people who feel lost in their lives right now. Let me tell you that it’s not the end, love. Everything you are going through is adding so much meaning and value to your life. The moment you felt disconnected is the very moment you know that you’re striving. That you are taking steps ahead, some small and some big. Some that take the tiniest thought and some that make you leap in faith. Some that make you feel weak and some that remind you of your strengthened heart. It’s okay to take tiny steps and short breaths. It’s okay for the slow pace because you know you haven’t given up.

Sometimes if everything in front of you seems dark and dizzy, hang in there a little more. It’s only the darkness that shows you the stars, the light. These moments of closed doors and silent cries are bringing out your truest self. When you keep searching for that tiny flare of hope in your battles, you won’t even realize that the beam of strength is emerging out of you. It’s your heart that is shining like never before. There is always beauty in the mess. And you are that radiant sparkle of beauty. It’s your heart that’s so passional for the promises of God.

I want you to know that your story is not over yet. This moment is the very cornerstone on which, your story of faith, is being built on. You, my love, will one day soar. You will not be shaken by the turbulence in the aura because your wings will be carved and shaped to fight them. Beautiful moments of breakthroughs are awaiting. Just know that if you have fallen, you will someday rise. If you have seen darkness, your light is coming through. If you have faced failure, you have already won it all. If you felt lost, you have already been found in your path. So keep walking, warrior. You got this. TC mark

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