You Have The Heart Of A Warrior Even If You Can’t See It

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I know there are days when you feel like completely breaking down. Days when no part of you wants to move forward on this journey. There are days you feel tired and skeptical about every decision you make. Days when your muscles scream with soreness.

But I want you to remember that it’s in those days when you completely feel like giving up, is when your warrior fortitude arises. Sometimes, just waking up and putting the effort to make yourself a cup of coffee is strength. Sometimes, just going to school or work is strength. Sometimes, smiling when your heart splinters are strength. Sometimes just existing in a petrifying world is strength.

Strength doesn’t always beam through the big things. It does not scream through when you lift a sword and prepare for combat. Sometimes, it peaks in those days when you lift your bag and prepare for another day at school or work. It lies in the rays of times when people disappoint you, but you never stop loving them. It radiates in those moments when a thunder of thoughts try to engulf you, but you still remain calm.

I want to say that- I’m extremely proud of how strong you are. Strength like yours comes in silent battles that people don’t know you fight. It comes in the nights when you keep wondering if all of this is worth it. I want you to know that, if right now you feel uncomfortable, it means you are growing. Think about the things you have overcome and be proud of it. Your battle might break you, but it has the ability to take you to pinnacles and places you never thought you would reach. So take heart. You have the heart of a Warrior. Just know that you aren’t alone. I am with you.

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