This Is Why You Must Always Hold On To Your Faith

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Keep holding on to your faith when it’s easiest to let go. Hold on to it like a tattered hand that holds a fragmented heart. Hold on to it with all the possibilities of hurt, disappointment, and insecurities. Hold on to it so tight that you lose yourself. That you lose pieces of yourself that need to change. Pieces that are stained with fear, anger, anxiousness, and everything else welded together to create an ersatz mask of yourself. A mask that is filled with pieces that are stems of your circumstances. These pieces shatter so thoroughly to show you a version of yourself that you couldn’t possibly imagine.

Some people believe that in letting go and freeing yourself, there are great signs of strength. But I’ll tell you, there are moments when it takes a lot more strength to know that you have to hold on, and then continue to do so. To hold on means to war. To constantly battle the voices in your heart and mind. Walking away from painful situations and memories is easy. But sometimes we need to realize that it’s not the situations that need change, but it’s us who need to change. 

Sometimes it’s us who need moments of discomfort. These moments aren’t to discourage you. But it’s for the renewal of those pieces that are discouraging you. The pieces that restrict flourishment, pieces that impede character growth. So I request you, jump out of your comfort zone. You have been hanging there for long. It’s time to shift. It’s time to burst out of your serene bubble. Put on your armor of faith and hold on. A war against every feeling of hopelessness and fear. War against the lies that tell you that you can’t move forward by holding on. You won’t even realize how swiftly you have paced right in those moments when you feel frozen to your misery.

I know it isn’t easy. I know it takes immense strength and valor. But you aren’t too far from completeness. The completeness that God weaves you in. The stained pieces are turning into ashes. And they are getting regenerated into pieces of courage and fortitude, pieces of strength and toughness, and most importantly, pieces of love. So please hold on. There is a Father in heaven who is holding you. And He’ll never let you fall. TC mark

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