I Need You To Know Your Heart Is Valued

Julija Svidraitė

I need you to know that you are valued.

I need you to know that the way you unveil your heart open to the world is commendable. The way you refuse to harden pieces of your heart after all you went through, my love is Brave. The world is getting insanely scary as each second passes by. And your soft and warm-hearted presence is much needed in it. You are the perfect example of a desert flower. All beautiful things are vanishing, but you aren’t. You are fighting every moment for everything you strongly believe in.

Sometimes it may feel like your heart, your emotions, your thoughts and your soul isn’t valued. You look around yourself and see different beings with mysterious masks carrying sedimentary hearts. You try to search for people who are like you, who recognize your heart and why it feels the way it does. But maybe the place you are in right now doesn’t contain such souls. But this means you’re still growing, and your heart that carries deep-deep love is going to be used to filter these sediments and wash them pure and clean.

I need you to know that there are others like you in this world- others who are messy-hearted, others who have faced heartbreak time and again, yet cannot contain all that wild love inside their rib-cage. There are people like you who realize the importance of tenderness and love, who do not desensitize themselves because of the wars they fight. There are people like you who know only to pour and pour, to give and flood hearts with it.

And there will be a time you’ll find these people and grow with the. You’ll find more of yourself contemplated on their hearts and be thankful for it. You’ll find peace and calm in their presence and undo the pieces that do not belong to you. You will know that you and your heart are valued, every bit of it is of utmost importance and worth. You’ll be sitting in places of love amidst the hurricanes with them. You’ll strive each day with these souls to make this world beautiful-the way it’s supposed to be. So just rest and wait for these worthy hearts to be placed in your life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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